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The Story Map

During your writing meeting with your little Buddy, you will ask questions in order to produce writing with specific details. You can do this while the child is drawing.

What do you do with your little Buddy's answers? The Story Map collects and organizes these details, so that your Buddy can refer to them while writing.

   Story Map Small Upright

a Story Map

sheet for Printing.


The Story Map is a simplified version of a graphic brainstorming technique some call "patterning" or "mind-mapping."

Key Ideas for Using the Story Map

  1. Print words or phrases that your Buddy says.

  2. Use his or her words on the Story Map. Remember: these are your Buddy's own words, so he or she can use them in the story. (It helps as a spelling reference, too.)

  3. Group similar details in the same location on the Story Map.

  4. Keep it simple and short. The minute your little Buddy is ready to write, shift to writing. Refer to the Story Map for details and words and phrases your Buddy can use in writing.