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The Question Generator

There is no secret to pulling details out of a kid: just ask a few questions.

But what questions? The Question Generator, which you use to prepare yourself for working with you Buddy, reminds you of two great sources.


Question Generator Small Upright




for printing.

The Question Generator has two parts:


Five Ws and H


1. The journalist's "Five W's and an H"

These questions work equally well with kids:

"How big is your stuffed bear?"; "What is a PSP?"; "When did you get your doll?" "What is this 'MineCraft' thing I hear kids talking about?"




2. Questions based on the senses

Ask simple sensory questions to pull out detail:

"What color is your bike?"; "Is this a soft doll or a hard  one?"; "What does your hamster smell like?"; "What do you like to do on Halloween?"