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Details of a Writing Buddies session:

Savana and Judith

Young Writing Buddy Savanna and volunteer Writing Buddy Judith share a moment during their writing meeting.

Each Writing Buddies session has this schedule:

Week 1: All Volunteers

Two-hour mandatory No-Anxiety Training.

Weeks 2 - 5:

Four writing meetings in the classroom with Writing Buddies pairs. Each of these writing meetings has three parts:

  • Pre-Meeting: Volunteers Only
    Half-hour preparation for writing, in the training room.
  • Buddies Writing: Volunteers and Buddies
    Forty-five minutes writing, in pairs, in the classroom.
  • Post-Meeting: Volunteers Only
    Half-hour debriefing and planning for next week's meeting, in the training room.

Week 6:

Authors' Publishing Party (one hour, in training room)

  • Each pair of Buddies celebrates the publication of their stories, collected in a Book of Stories.
  • While kids snack, some volunteers share their interests, such as raising guide dogs, practicing yoga, riding a tandem bicycle, making paper airplanes, and more.


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