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WB Goals and Benefits TitleBen and Maddy

Volunteer Maddy and her young Buddy Ben are very pleased with their stories this time around.

Writing Buddies Goals

For Students:

  • Plan writing using story-mapping techniques.
  • Practice English conversation and vocabulary in oral brainstorming.
  • Make their ideas specific and visual through drawing and words.
  • Produce four stories bound into a Book of Stories with their volunteer’s four stories.

For Volunteers:

  • Understand the writing process: idea generation, prewriting, drafting, editing, publishing.
  • Learn how to use the Writing Buddies tools to ask questions and to generate specific detail in their Buddy’s writing.

For Teachers:

  • Lighten the workload of the teacher through organization and well-trained volunteers.

Writing Buddies Benefits

  • Children interact with a helpful and encouraging adult who loves to share stories through writing.
  • The crucial pre-writing/drafting stage of writing receives one-on-one attention.
  • The volume of words written adds practice in meeting the school’s writing standards.
  • The school receives 300+ volunteer hours of community collaboration per Writing Buddies session.