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From a Student:

Thanks from student       Ulises writing

From Volunteers:

“I loved seeing the Writing Buddies’ eager faces each week.”

“Writing Buddies gave us all an opportunity to learn—adults, as well as kids.”

“I appreciate the amount of time and thought that has obviously gone into making sure the program runs smoothly and that both children and adults enjoy it.”

“I enjoyed it all—but getting to know my buddy is highest on the list! The training is helpful. I felt very prepared.”


From Teachers

Amy Teaford, Second Grade
Marguerite Montgomery Elementary School, Davis, CA:

“For me, the biggest part is the relationship that they form with their Buddy—the talking and communicating and oral language is really good. And the writing reinforced what we were doing in the classroom. I would definitely invite the Buddies back into my classroom.”


Stacy Duffy, First Grade
Castro School, Mountain View, CA:

“I think that the volunteers do a fantastic job of eliciting details from students. I have found their "writing buddies" writing to be much more detailed than their independent writing, and have also found that many of their drawings are a higher quality than in the past.

“I would definitely invite Writing Buddies into my classroom again. The Writing Buddies program gave my students the opportunity to work individually with one adult who was well trained in writing. More importantly students were able to connect with an adult who deeply cares for them and listens to and responds to their ideas. Writing Buddies is also a fantastic way for my students to practice English and to have an English model (besides myself). Assistance from buddies gave my students the chance to expand on their English vocabulary through writing.”


Liz Wallace, Second Grade
Castro School, Mountain View, CA:

”Would I invite Writing Buddies back into my classroom? Absolutely! The kids LOVE the attention. They get a finished product. It is like a mini workshop/class over 6 weeks. There is a celebration where they are introduced to things they don’t normally get a chance to see—doll collection, guitar playing, paper airplane making, tai chi. I get to see what they can do from an outsider’s perspective rather than being the one pushing them all the time. I get to be the audience instead of the “teacher.”

The students are excited every week and look forward to something outside the normal routine. It is great for their minds to work with a different adult and get ideas that are different from mine. They get to meet people and connect with an adult unlike the ones they work with or see on a regular basis. The program is so well-organized, so well-thought-out, so well-prepared. Bring it back to my class soon!


Cathy Patterson, Third Grade
Castro School, Mountain View, CA:

“The writing that the Writing Buddies were doing was different from the academic writing that I teach, but nonetheless important. Students get very little time in today’s classroom to do creative writing. I thought that it was a nice opportunity for them. Standards and content are my responsibility, and Writing Buddies is about relationships and enjoying writing.”

From  Principals

Jim Knight, Principal
Birch Lane Elementary School, Davis, CA

“I watched this team of volunteers in action last year as they used my room for training and Writing Buddies. The results were amazing! Not just academically,  but emotionally,  because the impact of a caring mentor is invaluable. I am thrilled to have them join Birch Lane.”   

Sally Plicka, Principal
Marguerite Montgomery Elementary School, Davis, CA:

“I love the Writing Buddies program and feel that it is so important for our kids to have this one-on-one time with their writing friends. It models good writing, good learning, and community concern and interest in our students. Writing is essential to the development of the language that all students need to succeed in school and in the workplace. It is through writing that students formalize their language structures, see their own language development, and develop their cognitive skills. Plus the kids have fun in doing it.”

Dr. Judy Crates, Principal
Castro School, Mountain View, CA:

"Writing Buddies provides the individual help that our students desperately need. In our neighborhood program, usually all of our students speak another language at home and are learning English. The teacher is the sole English role model, and students need individual practice in speaking and especially writing. Thanks to the program, the students not only increase their English skills, but also realize that they are competent students who can be successful.

“Writing Buddies volunteers should sleep well every night, knowing that you have been such a positive force in the lives of so many children!”