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Buddy Day: one day with a young Buddy

 Charlie & Roberta

Young Writing Buddy Charlie and volunteer Writing Buddy Roberta start their writing session by planning what he'll write using the Story Map tool. She asks him key questions to fill out his story details, and she jots down his responses.


In addition to full six-week Writing Buddies sessions, you might like to participate in one of several one-day Buddy Days. These are designed for:

  1. Volunteers who would like to learn the Writing Buddies tools and techniques (through our No Anxiety Training); or

  2. Volunteers who want to participate, but can't free up the time to take a full session; or

  3. Volunteers who just want to enjoy the fun, energy, and satisfaction of a Buddy Day.

Buddy Days are typically based on capturing the young Buddy's reactions to a book. The Buddy's whole class will have read and discussed the book in preparation for the Buddy Day.

Anyone who has taken the Writing Buddies No-Anxiety Training may volunteer to participate in a Buddy Day. We require a previous request: no drop-ins, please.

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